Buenas!!! This works especially well if you plan to pick and choose just a few stages to walk, rather than walking the whole 10 day circuit. Parque Natural de s’Albufera – Cami de Cavalls Menorca. Hotel Patricia Menorca Ciutadella – Cami de Cavalls Menorca. However, we did not see this as any disadvantage since the residential location was much quieter than the more central areas packed with bars and restaurants and we could find a huge choice of places to eat within a short distance. The Cami de Cavalls is a network of historic paths that circle the island by the coast - originally with a strategic defence function. 100% free of BPA. Excursion de Cala Mitjana à Cala Trebaluger Nous poursuivons l’excursion que nous avions laissée à cala Mitjana et continuons jusqu’à cala Trebaluger. Be sure to check the bus timetables carefully before planning your walk, as there are often only a few buses each day. Don’t be tempted to stop here, nice as this beach is, there are several that are even better and less crowded along the route. Menorca is without doubt the most idyllic and peaceful of the Balearic Islands. Compare prices and book for Hotel Patricia Menorca in Ciutadella | Check prices for other hotels in Ciutadella. What to wear on the Cami de Cavalls Menorca. Hotel Patricia Menorca is located a 10 minute walk from the historic centre of Ciutadella and the harbour. I’d probably use a service like this if I was walking the whole route sequentially as carrying a backpack in the Mediterranean heat is not very appealing. You may also enjoy: Naveta d’es Tudons – Discovering the Talayotic culture of Menorca, Cala de Morella Nou – Cami de Cavalls Menorca. Avec 185km divisés en 20 étapes, le GR223 appelé aussi Cami Des Cavalls permet de découvrir les plus beaux endroits de l’île de Minorque tout en longeant le littoral et découvrir ses magnifiques calanques, plages, forêts de pins, roches géologiques mais aussi falaises qui façonnent l’île. Time from Cala en Turqueta to Platges de Son Saura 1 hour. The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool which we didn’t use, but I’d say it’s more of a city hotel that provides a great base for an active holiday, than offering a resort style holiday experience. Caminaremos durante gran parte del trayecto por senderos y pistas de tierra, frecuentemente junto a los muretes de piedra seca que tanto abundan en Menorca.El paso de las fincas se realiza por portezuelas con travesaños de madera características del Cami de Cavalls y que son de la misma tipología en toda la isla.En algunas ocasiones, pocas, no queda otro remedio que atravesar … Camí de Cavalls www.trailmenorca.es Inici; CdC. The access to Cala Trebaluger required a bit of scrambling, either to pick your way carefully down a rocky slope, or to pass through an arch carved through the rock. A short distance further and we could look down on the smaller beach of Cala Macarelleta, to get one of the most photogenic views on the Cami de Cavalls, the small beach bounded by rocky cliffs and intensely turquoise water. Cost of bus is around €2-3 one way. Read more, Ad We loved wandering through the @tangledgarden o, Ad This is the pretty memorial chapel surrounded b, Ad This gorgeous view in Nova Scotia at the Blomid, Lunch in a biergarten is one of those quintes, Fancy going wild swimming in the middle of a major, Wherever you look in the Olympic Park in the north, Still enjoying the photos from my Munich trip in O, Never really thought of myself as a biker chick or, Day 1 – Cala Galdana to Cala’n Bosch (south coast), Our day’s walk finishes at Son Xoriguer and Cala’n Bosch, Transport for Day 1 walk – Cala Galdana to Cala’n Bosch, Day 2 Favaritx lighthouse to Es Grau (north coast), Walking in the Parc Natural s’Albufera in Menorca, Day 3 Cala Galdana to Santo Tomas (south coast), Transport for Cala Galdana and Santo Tomas, What to pack for hiking the Cami de Cavalls. Recorrent-lo descobrireu els millors paisatges menorquins, però també la gastronomia, la cultura i la història d'aquesta illa, declarada Reserva de Biosfera pels seus extraordinaris valors naturals. Hiking the Camí de Cavalls in Menorca, Spain is more than a walk through nature, but one through history. I could just imagine smugglers and fishing boats hiding out here in days gone by. Climbing up the steep path at the end of the beach, we walked along the residential road past the Hotel Melia Cala Galdana and found the start of the Cami de Cavalls path. After lunch we checked the bus timetable and wandered a bit further through the small and pleasant resort of Santo Tomas, with its mixture of beachfront hotels, holiday villas and apartments. This article may contain affiliate links that provide a small commission on any purchases you make at no extra cost to you. This stretch took us out of sight of the sea on a sandy and sometimes rocky path through scrub and pine forest, until was reached Cala en Turqueta where we stopped for a break and a refreshing swim. WALKING HOLIDAY IN MENORCA. You would expect life to revolve around the sea, considering the coast is always just a short distance from anywhere. Then walking along the side of the bay under shady trees we reached the small, sandy cove of Cala Mitjana, which was busy with sun worshipers enjoying the swimming in the clear, turquoise water. How many kilometers is the Cami de Cavalls? If you need a transfer from Menorca airport to your hotel, you can book it here. Discovering Acadian culture in Nova Scotia, Canada, 20 fabulous things to do in Munich, Germany, The Wye Valley – what to see, where to eat and stay on your picturesque Wye Tour, The ultimate beach packing list – for your sunshine holiday, From Ciutadella take the #52 direct to Cala Galdana, From Mahon take the #51 direct to Cala Galdana, From Ciutadella take the #36 #52 #72 bus or from Mahon take the #1 bus to Ferreries, then take a taxi from Ferreries to Cala Galdana. 26 abril, 2020. Tant es Camí de Cavalls com altres rutes per paratges naturals de Menorca. The Cami de Cavalls is marked by these horseshoe engraved posts. This Menorca coastal path is an ideal start for walkers who want to test themselves on a long distance walking route that’s easy and mostly flat, before trying something more challenging like the mountain trails of the Alps or Dolomites. I love the flexibility of hiking in Menorca, since you can choose to do the whole Cami de Cavalls route in one 10 day stretch, or dip into different stages spending on the time you have available. Imagine a long distance hiking trail where you’re never far from sparkling turquoise seas and sheltered coves, that you can walk in a continuous circuit or as individual day walks. To plan your holiday in Menorca visit the Menorca Tourism website or follow them on social media: Twitter @TurismoMenorca | Facebook | Instagram, For holidays in other parts of Spain you can find more information at www.Spain.info or follow them on social media: Twitter @Spain_inUK | Facebook | Instagram, If you need a guide on the Cami de Cavalls or other parts of Menorca, I can highly recommend Luis Amella of Menorca Guides, This article is originally published at Heatheronhertravels.com – Read the original article here. Compare prices and book for Hostal Jume Urban rooms in Mahon | Check prices for other hotels in Mahon. Instead you are likely to stay in holiday hotels in Menorca that range from modest to luxury depending on your taste. Blog; Contact Us × Cami de Cavalls: Your Guide for Menorca’s Most Beautiful 185km Hiking Trail. There’s no need to follow this official division of 20 stages; you can walk/run/cycle at your own pace and in the direction you prefer. Whether you’re traveling to Menorca in winter or summer, we’re here for you to take care of the entire planning of your trip! If you plan to walk the Cami de Cavalls in one 10 day stretch, I’d recommend using a service like CamideCavalls360 who will provide suggested walking routes, book your accommodation and most importantly transport your luggage each day, allowing you to walk with just a daysack. This style of hotel makes an excellent base for sightseeing in Mahon or activities around Menorca, when you plan to be out most of the day. You will get the best price and exclusive services so that your experience is unique. It’s important to make a difference between the beaches in the north and south of the island. From Cala en Turqueta, the path followed the line of the coast although on this stretch we were closer to sea level, walking through scrub on an open, sandy path. There are six “trail” events in May when the weather isn’t too hot. You can walk the entire loop of the island, choose one individual stage (or several stages) or only hike the north or south coast. You may also enjoy: 15 Things to do in Mahón, Menorca – if you only have one day. Find details of bus routes and timetables on the tib Menorca and Torres Menorca website. The north coast is much wilder and more remote, including wetlands and natural parks. We found the service here exceptionally friendly and helpful and the receptionist patiently helped us research the bus routes we needed. Come along with me to taste the food, explore the culture, go hiking and cycling, experience a luxury cruise or boutique hotel. We’d decided to make this the end of our day’s walk, although this stage of the Cami de Cavalls would have taken us on to Mahon in another few hours. If you are walking the whole of the Cami de Cavalls in a circular route, you can use a service like the Cami de Cavalls 360 who will transport your luggage for you and arrange accommodation, taking most of the organisation off your hands, so that you can just turn up and start walking. There was very little shade on this stretch and on a sunny day I found it hot and unforgiving, so be sure to make full use of your hat and water bottle. Our walk started at the Far Favaritx lighthouse on the north east coast of Menorca, one of seven lighthouses that protect ships from the island’s rocky coastline. Alternatively you can do as we did and base yourself in major towns such as Ciutadella, Mahon or Cala Galdana for a few nights and then walk the stages that are closest to these locations, using buses and taxis to reach the start and end point of each day’s walk. T… This post is also available in DUTCH and FRENCH. If you want make an individual visit to the park, a good place to start is the park’s visitor centre Centro recepción-interpretación Rodríguez Femenias which is just outside Es Grau with parking and two nature trails to follow nearby. From Es Grau you can take the #23 Bus to return to Mahon. As far as Menorca concerns, not to mention the fact it has an incredible nature is a sin. The Cami de Cavalls is long distance walking trail, the GR223 that makes a complete circuit of the island on Menorca. Totalling 185 km, the Cami de Cavalls is divided up into 20 stages, and ” … crosses gullies, rocky zones, valleys, wetland and farming areas; it connects ancient watchtowers, lighthouses and trenches and it leads to a great deal of coves and spots of the island. If you fancy trying some horse riding on the Cami de Cavalls, check out this Horseback Riding experience in Menorca, Cala Macarelleta on the Cami de Cavalls in Menorca. It may also be possible to book a private transfer for pickup and dropoff on this stretch of the Cami de Cavalls – check out this Hiking Transfer service from Cala Galdana to Son Xoriguer. These are the typical stages that are recommended for a 10 day walk and you can walk in either direction and start at any point, although most guidebooks start at the island capital of Mahon. Camí de Cavalls 360º runs through an ancient path of 185 km long that surrounds Menorca following its coast. We list the 10 most frequently asked questions for you. It may also be possible to book a private transfer for pickup and dropoff on this stretch of the Cami de Cavalls – check out this Hiking Transfer service for Favaritx to Es Grau. I have used the times for each stage described in my guidebook – the Cicerone Walking in Menorca. We skirted the back of the beach, where a fence protected the sand dunes from disturbance and followed the track up the hill at the other end of the beach. Our sandy path meandered through scrubland, looking down from jagged cliffs where the sea had undercut to make sinkholes that gave a low rumble as water flowed in and out. Es Grau has the feel of a relaxing holiday spot, with just a handful of bars and restaurants but no big hotels. CAMÍ DE CAVALLS - Stage 8 Platges d'Algaiarens - Cala Morell walking by the Camí de Cavalls The stage This stage of the Camí de Cavalls begins at the second of the two car-parks used by those heading for the beaches at Algaiarens (worth returning to on a non-walking day). The next stretch of the Cami de Cavalls was somewhat more challenging as it followed the line of the coast on a rocky slope, where the path was not always obvious. “The people of Menorca… we are scared of the sea.”It seems a strange thing to hear from someone whose family has lived here on the Spanish island for generations.Menorca is just 45 kilometres across and 30 kilometres from top to bottom. Each day’s walk on the Cami de Cavalls ranges between 5 hours and 10 hours, with the longer sections being on the north coast, where there is less transport and easy access. Cala Galdana is one of the most popular beach resorts on Menorca, and if you want an alternative base to Menorca and Ciutadella, this would be a good place to stay for 2-3 nights as the Cami de Cavalls walk from here is beautiful and easy to follow in both directions. After spending a little time on the gorgeous beach at Macarelleta, we continued on the path that rose gently from the far side of the beach up the hill, through shady woodland. Enjoy of Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls. In the case of Hostal Jume, all the rooms were en suite with modern furnishings, but there are also communal areas and a breakfast room, with a reception area and coffee machines.

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