On May 7, 1962 Councillor J.K. Stewart, responsible for Parks and Playgrounds, is mandated by City Council, under the leadership of Mayor Byron T. Kerr, to procure some preliminary plans for a future arena in Saint-Lambert. A few weeks later the architect firm of Longpré & Marchand is chosen to elaborate plans for a building, to be erected at a cost of $400,000 on grounds belonging to the Seaway Authority.

At the public meeting of September 13, 1962 the proposed bylaw No 581 is put to a vote before the attending property owners. It is rejected by 82 nays against only 3 yeas. A date for a public consultation at large, is set for October 20. Again the project is defeated. 1009 votes are counted: 462 for, 496 against, and 51 null and void. In November of the same year a poll is sent to all households to obtain more detailed opinions concerning an arena.

Construction Arena , aout 1966, coll.SHM, photo Bruce Field – Read More –