In 1881, newlyweds Alexandre Boissy (1857-1940) and Anastasie Lajeunesse (1857-1949), move to Saint-Lambert and make their home on Lorne Avenue. He hails from Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and is an employee of the Grand Trunk Railway Company. Nine years later he lists his occupation as carter to which he adds grocer in 1895. Successful in his new enterprise, Boissy makes a move to the main street. He installs his growing family—11 children, born between 1883 and 1904—at 412 Victoria Avenue, and his business at 504, corner of Green. For some years Alexandre keeps a horse stable, which allows him to offer home delivery to his customers. He is very much involved in his community and eventually becomes a verger of the Saint Lambert Parish.

Boissy Market, Ave Victoria pres de Green, 1902, coll Guy Boissy. – Read More –